Monday, December 13, 2010

This week at {{Downtown Artistry}}

It is hard to believe that this little temporary Pop Up Gallery time is almost up.... So lets make the most of it!  We have a few more events that will blow your socks off

Thurs 12/16 5-7pm is going to be an event not to miss.

Come watch a cross portrait being made by Anna Magruder and Christopher Mooney.  These two talented and different artists will sit across from one another as they paint a portrait of the other, as we all watch the magic unfold.  Thursday 12/16 5-8pm

Sat 12/18 11am-1pm will be a Sculpture Demonstration by none other then the Pacific Northwest Sculptures President Carole Murphy watch as she works with an amazing recycled material to make beautiful nature inspired art.

Also mark your calendars Downtown Artistry is have a all out Holiday Party including a band or two and a Santa doing a reading of David Sedaris 12/23 starting at 5

And the Closing Party will be 12/30 Starting at 5 witness the destruction of  Barrier Given the installation by Alex Rauch

For the rest of Dec all parking in smart park parking lots will be free if you arrive between 4-6 on Thursday

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