Sunday, December 5, 2010

Encaustic Demo with Kelly Williams Thursday 12/9

Downtown Artistry is hosting an Encaustic Art Demonstration lead by Kelly Williams Thursday 12/9 from 5-7pm.  

It will be a great opportunity to learn what the heck Encaustic means or to learn more about the art of painting with wax.  Kelly will also talk about her RACC grant project Recovery Pains.  Where she taught people who have been effected by addiction to express themselves in the medium of encaustics. 

Kelly is a fabulous lady, and it will be a fun night.  Also Smart Park is providing free parking if you park between 4-6 on Thursday nights in Dec, and Downtown Artistry is in the base of the the Smart Park on SW 10th and Yamhill.


  1. "Located on the corner of SW 10th and Morrison." of WHAT CITY please? Thanks.

  2. I've never tried encaustic painting before. I hope you get a good response!