Sunday, January 2, 2011

The closing of Downtown Artistry

I want to thank all of you who helped make Downtown Artistry a smashing success.  It was wonderful having a place to showcase the work of some of my favorite Portland artists and a place for the art community to get together.

This project has made me proud to live in a city that understand the importance of art in the community.

A special thanks to Alex Rauch for his work on the installation and Loren Nosan for all of her help. 

The Portland Business Alliance, and the Clean and Safe district, Portland Development Commission, Downtown Retail Advocate, City of Portland, Vizwerks, Downtown Marketing Initiative, Finnegen's, Harsch Investment Properties and TMT Development.

Lisa Frisch,  Katherine Krajnak, Courtney Ries, and Cori Jacobs

and the over 1,300 people who read this blog in the last 2 months!

What a fun ride.

Click below to see the video from the closing party of the deconstruction of The Barrier Given by Alex Rauch video link